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Louis Comfort Tiffany Irridescant Glass Vase At Quirky Gifts

Tiffany Glass And Quirky Gifts

Recently, we had a trip to the wonderful Haworth Art Gallery in our wonderful hometown of Accrington, Lancashire.  We had heard about their extensive collection of Tiffany Glass and wanted to take a look for ourselves.  You can imagine our delight when we discovered that we have a link to the famous glass studio.


OK it's not exactly the strongest of links we have to admit, but it turns out that Thomas Briggs from Accrington left the town in the late 1800's to make his fortune in America.  He was hugely successful and ended up as managing director of the world famous Tiffany Glass studios in America.

Our rather tenuous link with him is not only are we based in the same town that he originally came from, but the Quirky Gifts studio is on the same street!

We are looking into the history of Thomas Briggs and the Tiffany Glass Studios and will add a section to our website soon.  Hopefully, next time you come back to see us, we'll have it done with loads of interesting info, and pictures.

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