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Fused Glass Art "The Fab 3" Retro Iced Lollies

Original, handmade, fused glass art depicting 3 retro iced lollies, Orange Maid, Funny Feet and Fab. Mounted in an oak coloured frame, this delightful piece will brighten up any space and remind you of the long, hot, glorious summers.

Each one is made from 10 individual pieces of hand cut glass which are then fused together with the help of Kelvin the kiln to create this fabulous ice lollies glass art piece. It is then mounted into an open fronted frame to show off the contours, reflections and shimmers of the glass.

Each piece is made to order and signed by the artist on the front, with a certificate of authenticity on the back. As these are completely hand made, each one is unique, if you would like a different combination of lollies, frame or background, please just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Also available as single lollies in a smaller frame.

Frame - 34cm long x 26cm hign x 2cm deep
Glass plaque - 24cm long x 10cm high
Each lolly - 7.5cm high x 4cm wide

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